Identifying owner/writer of this G-l-O-R-I-A blog

I Gloria Poole RN and artist in and of Missouri own this blog and write it and am the only AUTHORIZED writer on it. It seems that wordpress allows unauthorized person to login to it via remote with cybercrime methods. But that does not make it right.  The criminal(s) breaking into my accounts are going to get caught and spend a long long time in prison. I am also known on the web as : gloriapoole; gloria0817;gloria-poole;gloriapoole.RN;gloriapoole-RN;g-l-o-r-i-a; gloriapoole [RN]; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; gloriapoole_RN. I own the copyright to all of my paintings I paint, my sketches I sketch, my drawings I draw; to my photographs I photograph whether or not they are of myself,my art I create,or genre photography; and to my words, poems, essays as Registered Nurse or as artist, I.T. person/woman; or consumer.

Copyright notice also at with FBI notice that there are penalties at law  for those who steal copyrighted content which are remedies available to those who create original content and copyright it.

Also you should know that I am a white woman, not a black male although it seems a black male has broken into some of my accounts on line to steal content and attempt to corrupt them with malware.

I am also all of these:

Christian,Southern Baptist

divorced x2 second time on Oct 29,2007 Arapahoe County Colorado;moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009.
Reg Nurse licensed in Missouri;

prolife writer;
artist in oils, acrylics,watercolors,goauche,tempera,powdered pastels, pen/ink and pencils;
writer on many topics and blogs;


owner of missions of Life Media & Publishing  LLP and also words that WORK, LLP

Copyright notice; Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 1:11:26pm;10-Sept-2011; for all ways I write my real name on the web.

Signed back in to make note of this: wordpress is trying to prevent me from changing my contact email, and that makes me think they are allowing an unauthorized person into my acct. Be aware that wordpress does not seem to be a secure site. The email address that I want to update from is also my email but it seems wordpress thinks it belongs to the criminal who breaks into my acct; even though I have an autoresponder on both of them. The email I want to change my contact email too is also my email and is listed on other sites of mine including this one: as one of my contact emails.