FYI. My earthlink acct was stolen by criminals last year

I am adding this here, to notify the public that my domain I had hosted on earthlink and the emails with it were stolen from me last year by cyber-criminals. I do not know who has those emails now or who stole the account but I have a good idea who did and I am sure the FBI does also. The other domains that were stolen FROM me by cyber-criminals were,,, and about 20 others. That occurred en masse when my computer was hacked in spring of 2011. But since I notified the FBI at the time, do not write to me at any address on earthlink or to any email of or Don’t participate in identity theft.

Also, I am still painting in oils, acrylics, watercolors, inks, tempera, goauche;  and have added an occasional photo of a painting or sketch to my blog on tumblr and on my xanga blog.  I think  also on the blog of mine at You can see some of my paintings there. Oh yea also on, and  I am thinking if a physical gallery is worthwhile to me or if I prefer to share the images [to view, not to reproduce or copy] with the world. I own the copyright on all works, paintings, sketches, drawings, words, poems, essays, blogs I create. Just so you know.

Also, just so you know I am very much writing on the pro-life cause of trying to save the baby humans. I began a new blog today entitled, guess what ? Save the bsby humans at:

Also. I have written as a Registered Nurse on the topic of whether abortionists should be required to meet medical standards. I say yes, they must be compelled too. Read more on that topic on my blog at for today’s entry and also the entry prior to today’s.  Also, on

I do not know If I will continue this wordpress blog. It seems wordpress is trying to help someone steal my name [probably the same felon who stole my earthlink acct and tried to kill me .] I doubt the motives of wordpress.

I will continue if I can change the contact info. I can change the password but earthlink BLOCKS me from updating my contact email to an email that is mine. So I knew for long time that wordpress puts about 15 cookies to track  me on my personal; private computer and my isp acct;  and 3 of those 15 are Facebook, that I considered a totally UNSAFE site. So in case this is the last entry on this blog, you can follow me on blogs that are cooperative with the blog owner [me in this case].

Gloria Poole,RN; at my apt in Missouri; 20-June-2012; @ 8:29pm