Gloria Poole photo by Gloria Poole;Feb 2 2013

Gloria Poole photo by Gloria Poole;Feb 2 2013

This is me Gloria Poole as I look today 2 Feb 2013 in front of my display wall where I put paintings I paint. My drawing table is to my right . Some of my paintings I painted are displayed behind me. You may read more about me and my art at my about me page at: Also. I am a white woman, twice divorced, living in Missouri but originally from state of Georgia. Gloria Poole is my real born with name. Also, see .  Also, note : the unauthorized person who accessed my wordpress acct from the email of gloria-poole at earthlink that was my email for about 7 yrs until criminals broke into my acount in yr 2011 to steal domains and bank info, is going to have to endure the wrath of GOD in GOD’s timing and God’s way. The email of gloria-poole at earthlink is being monitored by the FBI because thousands of my  original photos  I photographed were stolen by criminals who broke into my then-earthlink acct to  use that email to steal domains with. I do not have an earthlink account now; and if criminals are breaking into my computers with it to stalk to me they will go to prison. /s/ Gloria Poole, RN & artist at my apt in Missouri; 2-Feb-2013; @ 4:13pm