This G-L-O-R-I-A has other better blogs, fortunately.

This wordpress blog of mine has been corrupted from within wordpress since years ago when I added my own domain to it, and cyber-criminals set out to steal it. Though it has my original words, content and some of my original photos on it, wordpress continues to allow criminals in Colorado use of it. I know wordpress does it maliciously, since I have notified them repeatedly, proved to their copyright millenium act that it is my words & content, changed the password repeatedly and tried to change the contact email. wordpress locks the contact email so I cannot change it because they try to help the violent murderous exhusband of mine [DBP in Colorado; I live in Missouri] ,who threatened to “track me down to kill me” to  stalk me so he can intimidate, try to control, harass, violate restraining order against him secretly with the help of wordpress evil staffers.  wordpress helped criminals steal my earthlink account by allowing them to login to my wordpress acct through the godaddy the domains I had for years [ and] that were stolen from me by radical proabort cybercriminals who used  my then-contact email and passwords that they got from wordpress.

So I might not continue to log in to this blog; which of course is what wordpress wants to happen. wordpress discriminates against heterosexual women and most of all Christians; and absolutely against prolifers. If I had known wordpress was the sort of immoral company it is, I would never have started this blog in 2005 with them.

Anyway, you may follow my words and see the art I create on other blogs of mine; including : [migrated by Microsoft to wordpress from Microsoft]

Also, fyi, I am the white, single, heterosexual,  Christian woman who was born in the state of Georgia, and who has 2 grown daughters named Jennifer, and Leigh. I write much, paint as artist often, photograph extensively and write/create blogs with original content. I live in Missouri presently but before that I lived for 7 yrs in the GOD-forsaken state of Colorado where killing is what they do best; and I also lived in NY, UK, and other states. My residence is in Missouri.

I was taught as a child not to say bad things about people but at times there is nothing to be done but tell the truth. Visit my other blogs listed here to see my art I created.

Gloria Poole, R.N. licensed in Missouri and artist in oils, acrylics, pen/inks, powdered pastels, goauche, tempera, watercolors; blogger, writer, poet.