Repainted sketch of U S veteran by Gloria Poole of Missouri

repainted sketch of U S veteran by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia
Repainted sketch of U S veteran by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia;


I, Gloria Poole of Missouri, drew this, pained it, signed it, photographed it and uploaded it. This is the repainted sketch of the sketch of a “pretend” U S veteran that I posted to this blog yesterday. That watercolor version seems to have been stolen from this blog by cybercriminals. I, Gloria Poole, currently residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia, own this blog and all rights to it. Copyright Notice: This blog and or its individual posts may not be downloaded, transferred to anyone anywhere,  nor have domains that do not belong to me forwarded to it, nor copied, nor printed at remote, nor saved to disk, nor photocopied, nor republished by anyone. The criminals breaking into my accounts will go to federal prison for cybercrime and stalking.  I have written poems about veterans twice and it is a very familiar theme to me since I have three brothers [and two sisters ] and two of my brothers served in the U S military many years. My brothers and sisters still live in the South.  For the record, I am a white WOMAN who drew, painted, signed, photographed and uploaded this sketch on paper to this blog of mine today 11 June 2014 at 2:17pm. 

This blog is NOT a shared blog and NEVER was. Because criminals regularly break into it using I D of mine that they stole does not authorize them on any account of mine!  Also, for the record, I am a Christian, single again woman and the mother of two grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh; and a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, an artist in all mediums, a republican, prolife blogger and a photographer. I am not an employee of anyone and “work” for myself from my own private apt in Missouri. I divorced a second time in Colorado in Oct 2007 after 4 horrible years of marriage that resulted in much violence against me and injury to me. I resumed my maiden name after both divorces and therefore, Gloria Poole, is my real, born with, legal name.  [An aside for law enforcement: if you can track the criminals breaking into this blog and any blog of mine, please print my testimony against them from this blog and send them to federal prison .]

Gloria Poole / Gloria / gloriapoole / gloria-poole / G-L-O-R-I-A / gloria.poole / artist-gloriapoole / Gloria Poole,RN, artist/ gloriapoole-paintings/ Ms Gloria Poole; and other variations of my real born with legal name of Gloria Poole, at my own private apt in Missouri; 11 June 2014 at 2:19pm.