Unwind cartoon by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia


Cartoon "unwind" by Gloria Poole of Missouri
Cartoon created and named “unwind” by Gloria Poole / Gloria / gloriapoole of Missouri. Copyright notice: I , Gloria Poole, born in state of Georgia, but residing in Missouri, drew, painted, signed, photographed and uploaded this cartoon to this blog of mine . Copyright Notice:  I, Gloria Poole, residing in Missouri but born in state of Georgia, own all rights to this  blog and all content of it . It may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor be downloaded, nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me, nor be printed at remote, nor copied, nor photo-copied, nor saved to disk by anyone but me and is copyrighted under U S law as intellectual property. I have this sketch as it exists on paper and  I, Gloria Poole, have the tangible art I created and posted to this blog.