Pinwheels sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia

Pinwheels sketch by Gloria Poole Of Missouri
Pinwheels sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri


This whimsical sketch is because I was thinking of the simple childhood toy that is a pinwheel that toddlers can play with because it requires no skill other than holding it in the wind, and requires no great eye:hand coordination either.  I added in the green stems and leaves because usually pinwheels are most fun when outside. I, Gloria Poole, currently residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia, own this blog and all rights to it and it may not be transferred to anyone anywhere, nor have domains forwarded to it that do not belong to me, nor be republished, nor saved to disk, nor copied, nor photo-copied, nor downloaded.  This sketch is on 14 x 17 paper and is mixed media of acrylics and watercolor paints, and I photographed it on my portable drawing board. Also, today, I put the sketch of a warped “Feminist effect on U S” on another blog of mine at: And early Monday I put my sketch I created for the Germany win of World cup on my 

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