Paris sketch art on jewelry box photo-by-gloriapoole of Missouri 22 Jan 2015

Paris-scene-from jewelry-box-photo-by-gloriapoole-of-Missouri-22-Jan-2015
Paris-scene-from jewelry-box-photo-by-gloriapoole-of-Missouri-and Georgia 22-Jan-2015; This is a photo I photographed not a sketch I drew and painted.  It is painted on wood on an antique jewelry box that I inherited from my mother MJBP who inherited it from her mother NLRB. The jewelry box is in the shape of a tiny piano and at one time it had a keyboard also painted on it so it looked like a miniature piano with a scene from Paris on it. I was a little girl when my grandfather gave it to my grandmother but I remember that.  I thought about this a lot because I saw it my entire life and it became mine only about a year ago. I had not ever actually considered going to Paris but my oldest daughter did and she did go to Paris after high school; and also to Italy after graduation from the University of Georgia.   You viewers might ask why this is important, and the answer is because we, humans as adults often do things that greatly influence our small children without ever realizing it. This jewelry box sat on top of my mother’s dresser in South Georgia from when my grandmother died until my mother died. Then when my sister was sorting her household, she gave this jewelry box to me. And I am glad to have it. But what astonished me is it influenced both of my daughters without saying a word!   I never even considered going to Paris when I had graduated from high school. It seemed absolutely unheard of to most people in South Georgia. But I was very much influenced by the art on the jewelry box for the sake of art. There is no signature I could find on this sketch but I have always liked it. And I admit that I am impressed by the simple lines of it, and the very subtle colors in it. To me is is great. I would have liked it anywhere I saw it. The fact that it is an heirloom for me makes it more special. And the realization that it also influenced my German ancestor [paternal grandfather] also means a lot to me. I am a U S citizen born in U S in the state of Georgia, but I realize that little jewelry box influenced me greatly. So, the moral of the story, if there is one, is that as adults, please be aware that EVERY THING you do, every thing you buy and take home, influences your kids. Decide early on to influence them in the right way, i.e. toward life, toward wellness without vices, toward marriage with opposite sex so they produce children, toward wholesomeness, happiness.
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