The Mommy Award sketch by Gloria Poole,RN,artist of Missouri and Georgia on 1 Mar 2015

"The Mommy Award" sketch created by Gloria Poole,RN,artist
The “mommy award” sketch by Gloria Poole, RN, artist of Missouri and Georgia created on 1 Mar 2015. This is my quick sketch of an idea that I have that women should be awarded for being mothers since it is the hardest, most difficult task of all and the one that never ends. Of course, it is usually motivated by love, but when it is isn’t it is often motivated by duty. ONLY women can give birth to another human. it is the ONLY UNIQUE thing they can do. Anything else most women of this century attempt to do can also be done by men, except give birth to a live human being. It baffles me why some women reject the very part of them that makes them desirable to men–the ability to reproduce children, heirs for men [and of course themselves also]. Of course, you know I am a #prolife advocate and more recently a #personhood advocate also. You can read more on these topics on my prolife, personhood blogs at:;;;; You can find the lists of medical references about anatomy and physiology, neonatalogy, obstetrics, human development, surgery on babies in womb on these blogs of mine: and Also, you can see more art I created on these blogs of mine:;;;; You can read some of the #publichealth teaching¬† write as Registered Nurse on my You can read some of the teaching I do on the U S Constitution, good citizenship, interpretation of Bible, what I think heaven would look like on my official Tapestry of LIFE blog at and on You can read some of the Bible scriptures about what GOD expects of humans, how to live, how to be blessed on my and Also see my profile pages on #Google, #Yahoo and #Microsoft for more information about me Gloria Poole,RN, artist.¬† Please see complete symbols that represent me on previous post which are forever incorporated into this blog to establish ownership of it and see copyright notice below.

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