Encaustic horse sketch made yesterday by Gloria Poole, RN,artist, of/in Missouri 16-Aug-2015-11x14bristol

Encaustic horse sketch made yesterday by Gloria Poole of/in Missouri 16-Aug-2015-11x14bristol
Encaustic horse sketch made yesterday by Gloria Poole,RN, artist,  of/in Missouri 16-Aug-2015-11×14 bristol. I made this sketch by melting wax crayons with a soldering iron [electric tool] with a tiny palette knife tip attached to it. I saw a similar technique in a youtube demonstration a few days ago, and bought a soldering iron with various tips to try it. I was not as good at smoothing the melted wax as the person in youtube but I decided I like the way it looks. it puts lights and darks and rough textures and a third dimension of depth to the “painting”. Painting with wax as the binder is as old as time itself. But it is not used much by most artists today and that is probably because wax melts in warm temperatures so would have to be preserved in environments at room temperatures.  I liked making this sketch and I made 4 others. I put the others on my blogs https://gloriapoole.blogspot.com and also https://gpoole817.blogspot.com, yesterday.  I made one of those other sketches with chalk and wax from a candle. The soldering iron melts the wax so it is liquid pool of pure color and you [artist wannabee like me] have to work fast because it cools fast. When it cools it is solid and with a raised appearance. At least that is the way the five sketches I have made in encaustic in past 48 hours look and feel.  I had to “scratch” my name into the wax with a stylus after the wax cooled because I could not shape letters with the hot iron. I have to practice this more.  Also, I have 2 canvases painted with the first layer of paint and am thinking on what I want to put on them. I use canvases much more sparingly than sketch books simply because they are much more expensive and I don’t want to experiment much on expensive canvas.  Painting with hot wax records every stroke of the tiny pallete knife and it sort of “freezes” it in time as it cools almost instantly.  So, #art created with it is very painterly.  You can follow me on twitter at @gloriapoole and also @gloria_poole and on twitter accounts I use for specific purposes that are pseudonyms sort of. Copyright. See copyright notice.
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