My Energy Plan for world

I try to make a difference in many ways and this entry is one of those times. It seems perfectly logical and common sense to include sources of energy that are reasonably inexpensive to set up and maintain and that produce energy that is constantly renewable. Fossil fuels have their place and most of the world understands that as presently in the gasoline or diesel tanks of vehicles. However, the energy sources I am talking about could drive the factories, the hospitals, the power plants, the lights of the cities, [an absolutely mind-boggling expenditure for most large cities] –in fact, all uses of energy except perhaps vehicles which need liquid, combustible fuels at present. Even that could change if the suggestions I have could be adapted to vehicles and why not? Fossil fuels are great but they take milleniums to replace as they depend upon thousands of years of compression under the weight of the earth to turn into what is essentially degraded waste from the earth slush=oil which then is broken down into kerosene, gasoline, and diesel.  

These suggestions are not new since they remind this nation of what has worked in previous generations and fairly well. For the sake of expediency I will list them with brief pointers about why I think they will provide good if not excellent sources of energy, at reasonable if not cheap prices, and will continue to do that for centuries.

1) Windmills work! The plains of America have thousands or millions of acres of land where windmills could sit and turn their blades with the wind, [almost always present at varying degrees of velocity] that is connected to a drive-train that turns the rotors of the same equipment that power plants now use to generate electricity-turbines. Windmills are fairly inexpensive and entire nations in the EU use them readily, and there is much expertise about them. Every family could have their own sitting in the back yard, producing more than enough electricity for their homes, and outlying buildings including milking machines, [for farms] and maybe even the big John Deere tractor that many farmers have [or the International Harvestor tractor], or garages for ‘city slickers’ as my daddy would have called them.

2) “Cow patties” dried, then burned in a furnace to generate warmth and heat for appliances. This is as old as The Bible’s Old Testament where GOD told the humans to do that to build a fire to cook on. How many cows does the heartland have? Where do the famous Omaha steaks come from? COWS. They are prevalent in many states as the sources of products that Americans consume by the millions: milk, steaks, beef, [in many ways: hamburgers, sausages, shepherd’s pie, etc] and it would not have to be limited to “cow patties” but could include all the animals that GOD said in Leviticus that we could eat the animal itself,[ sheep, oxen, see Leviticus 11:3–>going forward] , so therefore why not the utilize the waste, dried and burned to generate heat for homes, and appliances by burning them in a furnace and transporting the heat from the furnace to the appliances with insulated pipes?  To be on the safe side of the health factor [or the disgust factor] use only the waste products from animals GOD considered ‘clean” and not the animals that GOD labled as ‘unclean’ and therefore do not risk any chance of contamination of the energy. The UK recently awarded a grant if I remember correctly to a man there to develop this idea more fully. It is GOD’s original idea but it is an idea whose time has come. Cows and sheep, and mountain goats, all produce waste, and it could all power the cities of the U.S.

3) Creating upside-down ‘funnels” that are permanent structures in places that have flooded or that are likely to flood so they are in place when the rains come,  to funnel heavy rains into a reservoir instead of letting them flood the flood-prone areas?  And then running water pipe lines the way we run oil pipelines to pipe that excess water to the cities and the counties where water is scarce?

4) Coal, is plenteous in the US from what I have read. It drove trains, heated homes, provided heated stoves and also produced electricity for generations! Why is it not popular now? Messy? Is that a good reason? Is there any endeavour in life that is lots of fun or that produces life-changing events that is not messy? Think of birthing babies, one of the events that absolutely define women as women and yet it is a very messy, with blood and amniotic fluid event. Think of artist’s painting–messy with oils, pigments, turpentine, brush cleaning solvents. Think of cross-country skiiing–snow, with ‘yellow snow’ mixed in, and dirt, and tree branches, etc. Think of water-skiing in the local lake or reservoir–the water itself is not from a Brita filter, and there is the exhaust from the motor engines, into the water, and the fish and the other water life wastes in the water, all messy and disturbing to finicky people.

5) Burning those mountains of waste products that cities generally transport via huge trucks to the suburbs on the edge of town and piping the heat into the city’s buildings. [Practical in winter as back up emergency plan but easy if the city already has an incinerator].

6) Sunlight provides warmth naturally. Why not have solar panels on every new home built and remodeled as the standard building code? I have thought for years it was because those in the US Congress have not figured out a way to tax the sunlight or consumption of it, in order to pad their pockets with the ‘kickbacks’ and “dividends’ of their insider-trading.

7) Harness the power of the rivers, by allowing them to power the boats much as they did for centuries and by replicating what the big dams like the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Colorado river and the Mississippi and the Missouri to turn those turbines and produce and pump energy to every city.

I am thinking on this still since it is much in the news but I am sure that GOD’s word in the Bible is trustworthy and that it is safe to utilize GOD’s methods.

signed gloria poole, RN and artist


U.S. Pick a PROLIFER for President–it matters!

I am always protesting that heinous act commonly referred to as “abortion” but which in fact, is a premeditated, deliberate, planned act of murdering an innocent human being, usually with the so-called “mother’s consent” and usually the execution is carried out by medically trained people licensed by both the State and the Federal governments. The State issues Medical Licenses and the Feds issue D.E.A. licenses which is necessary to administer anethesia or certain drugs used normally in the course of any form of real surgery. However I do not consider an abortion as “merely surgery” and in fact, not surgery at all, but an act of destruction of human life.  I do not intend to mince words or confuse this issue. The premeditated deliberate assassination in the womb of an innocent human being, must be outlawed entirely and that is my goal.

Anyone, who does not know that when a human man and a human woman, copulate, and a child is conceived, that the new being is human, is either too stupid to comprehend reality, too wicked to care, or too imbecile to understand the truth. Neither the U.S, nor the U.K. nor the E.U. can allow those categories of people to determine what the public laws will be.

This is not a time in the U.S. or the E.U. or the U.K. to be hiding behind euphemistic terms. The ugly fact is that an abortion kills an innocent human being, and therefore it should be always illegal.  This is an especially critical time for the U.S. because of the Presidential Election. Here’s the thing: will the US have a PROLIFE President next go round, or a prodeath President?  Will the stupid, the wicked, the imbecile decide who will be the President of these so-called “united” states by voting for those who advocate killing to gain political power or financial power? OR will the good people,the righteous, the Christian, the GOD-fearing elect the next President of the U.S.?

I am aware that this page will make some people furious and I do not care. I have the same First Amendment liberties as a follower of JESUS, [who said, ‘even so it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish*] as the wicked, the foolish, the imbecile and the stupid do. We, prolifers have tried education, lobbying, politicking, letter-writing campaigns, political donations, marching in the streets, –we’ve done all that– and yet, how many babies die in the U.S. annually? No one knows because those federal agencies charged with reporting surgical interventions and sudden deaths, have deliberately and with an agenda, skewed all medical reporting so that abortions are not separated out from a baby that dies from unexplained causes in the womb, and so that the abortion statistics are hidden from the public and from even medical providers. I worked in the Operating Room as a Circulator, a well-defined and essential role that most States require be filled with a Registered Nurse, and I know for certain that those doctors who do abortions, lie about doing them. They lie to the patients, they lie to the nurses and the OR staff, and they lie to hospitals. There is no compunction in a wicked person to have honor or obey GOD and lying is as easy for them as breathing. It took me a long while to figure that out because I was raised to always tell the truth, to honor the Commandments of GOD and taught that from childhood; and I was at first incredulous that people that I thought were honorable, with consciences, weren’t. And then there was the coming to terms with that shock to my sense of trust and belief in the system, and then finally, a fury that demands that I tell what I know. I also worked as a Peer Reviewer of Medical Doctors for the State of Georgia, and I learned then that the federal agencies that are supposed to be tracking abortions, don’t because they use coded terms that do not mean to ordinary people what they mean to their brain-washed N.I.H minds. I know from applying for jobs [year 2000 or 2001 I think]  with the N.I.H. in Bethesda Maryland, after having been ranked by the national ranking testing as being qualified for the jobs, that they openly discriminate against prolifers and refuse to hire prolifers. I also know that the National Cancer Institute at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland also openly and willfully refuses to hire qualified RN’s who will not say that they will participate in or support by referrals, that heinous deed of abortion. I know that all of the so-called “cancer research” is a front organization for funneling MILLIONS or BILLIONS of dollars into the number one public enemy known euphemistically as Planned Parenthood.

The statistics on complications of abortion are also skewed deliberately because they want to fool, or trick the public into thinking that a woman could experience scraping of the lining of her womb, with sharp objects, vaccuming her womb with a powerful suction and metal tip, and extinguishing her very soul as they suck out the human life from her, has no side effects. Some people want to be deceived and some people are fools, and some are wicked.  Do the wicked, those who kill with premeditation, ever concern themselves about truth? Do those who methodically day after day kill innocent humans and gather up their fragments to ship off to phony “research labs” care about what GOD says? Do the wicked make the rules or do the righteous? Will the US continue to pretend that such a horrible and heinous deed is a “right’? when GOD clearly** says it is always a wrong!  Will the U.K.? Will the E.U.nations? When will the Abortion Holocaust end? When will the Allies of the Innocents come charging in on their white horses and rescue those babies appointed to destruction in abortuaries? WHEN? WHEN will the good people take up arms in this nation, if that is what is called for, as a militia allowed by the US Constitution and shut down by force if necessary those places that kill, shred, chop, dice human babies? WHEN? WHEN will the real MEN in this country do something? WHEN? HOW MANY DEAD and SHREDDED HUMAN BEINGS are too many? What is the so-called “trigger’ that will cause the MEN to suddenly wake up to the horrible reality of what is happening in this nation?

I sign my real name to this page and I make no apologies for it. I am a woman, a Christian, a Republican, and most of all a mother, and I want to tell you that of all the things, accomplishments of my life, being a mother is the one that is the most joy to me of human joys, and the most sense of fulfillment of my life’s purpose.  For more on that topic, you may read my words on this website: I am Ms. Gloria Poole, RN who has a current and active RN license in the State of Colorado. I am also an artist, and it is necessary to add that in here for the sake of transparency of my mission in order not to “fool” anyone by accident in not revealing what is well-known about me. You may see my always decent paintings on this website, and please click the links to the words that give the names of the paintings and my remarks about them : and also and other sites as well.

Also read more about human development in the womb at this website of mine:


* from Matthew 18:14, King James Holy Bible.

** from Exodus 20:13, ‘thou shalt not kill”.

Thanks Governors Ted Strickland & Mike Rounds!

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds signed into law bills that require abortion clinics to provide fetal ultrasound to those women contemplating abortion. I want to publicly thank them for that. Those states join eleven other states that require ultrasound before an abortion and that is literally turning the tide on the abortion debate in favor of life. There is a entity called Womb with a View that does ultrasound and their selection of that name says it all.

The Ohio bill, was passed by their Senate on March 14 and before that their House passed it in December 07. It is named the Ultrasound Viewing Bill, HB 314. South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds signed a similar bill into law this month also. So far, thirteen states have acknowledged the truth that women need to know the truth and that truth means knowing that their human babies in the womb are alive from the moment of conception when the human sperm from a human man enters the human egg of a human woman. For more about how humans develop in the womb, visit one of my educational sites at  And for more info about human sperm visit my also educational site at 

Also I want to encourage Ohio to consent to ban all forms of tampering with human embryoes. They have a bill Ohio S.B 174 that is supposedly to ban all human cloning but here’s the thing. Those bills have to be read word for word and the small print and the hidden print also read. They are often a way of tricking the public making them think they are voting for one thing when in reality they are voting on a different topic altogether. I am not suggesting that bill does that, but that you must read it entirely before voting.  Human cloning as it is called is an effort by so-called scientists [ I call them junk scientists]  to tamper with GOD’s plan for creating humans in the womb, and it always starts with a dead human being. The Bible says not to touch dead humans and not to eat, ingest human blood or human body fluids not in so many words but the messages are clear. [for the exact location of the Scriptures read]. The bill sponsored by Sen Stephen Buehorer, Republican, has teeth in it, of a two year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine for “cloning” humans. If it does not include a prohibition on the  mixing of human cells with animal cells,it should. And if it does not include a prohibition against all forms of research on human embryoes that kills the embryo, it  should! 

I think GOD has weighed in on this debate with the torrential flooding in Ohio this past week to give them cause to rethink the importance of human life. I am Christian woman, prolifer from the get-go and Republican because the Republican Party adopted a prolife platform in the last Presidential election and some of us Republicans expect them to honor their promises to the American people and push forward a Constitutional Amendment to protect the innocents.

For the reasons why you should vote prolife and why abortion violates the Amendments, visit my website at and for the Scriptures about human life, that will convince you that GOD HIMSELF is prolife, visit this site of mine [but of course the Scriptures are from GOD in the Bible]:

Hillary’s hackers have not destroyed me !

I am writing this post because in spite of all that has happened, and the illegal censorship of my emails by Hillary’s hackers and the deliberate effort by her team of hackers to destroy my work, it hasn’t happened. GOD is still GOD and HE is on my side of the debate of the prolifers v prodeathers. This past week when I was exercising my civic duty and participating in a grassroots effort to promote the only prolife candidate Mike Huckabee, my emails were deliberately hindered by Microsoft,. My telephone was hindered by the Sprint telephone network, even though I don’t have Sprint service but my isp does and there in was the problem. Microsoft and Sprint are both known contributors to the Number one terrorist of human babies organization named Planned Parenthood. My telephone service was disrupted [of course Hillary’s hackers published their propaganda piece that Blackberry users had an “unknown” outage] for several days and that has happened before. If you believe that humongous lie, about it being an accidental “outage” then you are more naive than the average adult living in the “swampland” of the demoncratically controlled states. I am sure that it was not accidental at all, but deliberate and timed to prevent those with blackberries who are citizens from blogging the Primary races.

As for proof of Hillary’s hackers visit one of my blogs at:

and scroll to the messed up entries where you will see one entry on top of the other one, and see the little red letters “Hillary’s hackers on the job” in the midst of that mess. Her hacking team tried to destroy my blog because I called her a jezebel, the name of a wicked woman in The Bible that urged killing to gain power and property. Isn’t that what Hillary and others who promote the evil of abortion do, i.e. promote the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb, to gain votes= power, that translates into perqs like houses that taxpayers buy in two cities [for her, in The District, and in Westchester County NY] and the abuse of the Patriot Act to get the financial information of her opponents? Oh, note also on that blog entry that was scrambled by Hillary’s hackers it was an entry on my blog that was in my previous married name that is now corrected and you may read more of it here: Gloria Poole, RN, artist, writer, etc,etc,etc

I know that I have not yet endured what Mr Alexandr Solhenitzen of the Gulag Archipelego endured and I pray it does not get that bad in the US, but I think it may. [ I apologize to Mr Solhenitzen if I have misspelled his name.] Nations that reject GOD pay a dear price for that and usually have many long years of suffering and hardship before they come to their senses and repent.

I am experiencing only some of what others who are paid journalists experience. In yesterday’s news, not in the US news, because the US news does not generally care what happens to journalists from other countries unfortunately, but in the BBC news, there was an article about a journalist being shot for reporting the news from his country that was not complimentary to the power that was in office. Being an absolute believer in the First Amendment of the liberty citizens have to speak their mind and publish their thoughts, I keep on blogging and writing, and protesting in every way possible the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb. I am alive still and I give GOD the glory for that. I am able to walk about though with a limp and I give GOD the glory for that also! My second exhusband said if he killed me no one would care and no one would prosecute him. I discovered that is true about him not being prosecuted no matter what he does, because he is a “democrat”–a puppet of those in high places, doing the bidding of the wicked, and “servicing” them the way Monica serviced Bill.

As a citizen journalist in the US I have endured having my blog hacked, my emails prevented, my US mail stolen, my bank account info distributed to those in high places by US postal workers, my dwelling plundered intermittently, two bank accounts closed for surreptious reasons in 2006 [after having written them on Court documents for divorce the way the Court demanded], having the divorce Courts used a method of harassment and denial of my civil liberties to tell what happened or get relief, or get protection from a violent then-husband, and the Courts used to cause HUGE material losses to me. I have also endured political interference into my accounts, the use of Microsoft or may be paid hacker tricks to “switch” things like the current card on file with the expired card on file so that internet accounts were in jeopardy, and to confuse the name of the owner of the computer, by putting it in all capital letters when the name was typed in in lower case, so that mass confusion resulted, and to periodically “shut down” lock down,freeze up my computer when the words I was typing didn’t set well with Hillary’s hackers. And having my blogs “blacked out” for nearly a year at the time, and disabling the stats counter and other various and sundry tricks. And having even my name hijacked by a group of not for profits that considered themselves above the laws of the US.

But I am alive [ haven’t been shot and thank GOD for that!]and I am writing and I am praying that voting people are reading what I am writing. This blog was blocked for a long time because I opposed Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and his 40 year long career of baby-annihilating votes. I want the citizens of this nation to know what is really going on and I want them to vote prolife because it matters. Human life is sacred. Please visit another website of mine with the reasons why abortion violates the Amendments to the US Constitution at:

Vote Prolife, Human Life is Sacred!

The #1 Defining Issue

These words are my comments to an article written by Lisa Ryckman of The Rocky Mountain News today, November 24, 2007 entitled, “No Holds Barred Abortion Debate” . Here it is as I originally wrote it but The Rocky Mountain News required it to be a pre-defined length they said. Their censorship device demanded four times that I edit it to a length of “less than 3000 characters” but the wordpress counting mechanism said the entire article was less than 1000 characters. How do you account for the false counting tool of the Rocky Mountain News? I am sure it is censorship in an effort to prevent my criticism of the prodeathers who are has beens politically and are on the wrong side of the issue. There is a link below my words to that article.

Of course, a human being with human DNA and human cells is human and should be defined as “person” and human for the sake of Constitutional protection, both on the federal level, State level,city and local level. The medical professions, particularly obstetrics, and neonatology defined the moment of life as the moment of fertilization long ago. The only reason the Judiciary branches pretended not to know that, is the love of money that The Bible warns against. [I Timothy 6:10 *]

Of course, that only makes the Judiciary branches [US Supreme Court and other courts that refuse to acknowledge the truth] look foolish and out of touch with truth. And it makes clear the fact that propaganda is the tool of the devil still. Those organizations that profit from killing of innocents must use the lies of the devil to deceive because the truth defeats them. If you remember the Biblical account of the fall of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, a/k/a paradise you will remember the serpent that was the vehicle of the devil, whispered to Eve that they could “be as gods” if they defied the word of GOD [Genesis 3:5]. Of course, they were punished by GOD for all time and they set in motion the physical
destruction of death.
Abortion is death to an innocent human being. That is fact, not conjecture and not
political rhetoric. It is also premeditated because the killers have to prepare their
instruments and their “operating room” that is often not much better than a back-office room of the preborn assassin’s work place. There is much testimony that abortionists do not follow standard operating room procedures nor do they have admitting privileges to hospitals for emergency care of the women they butcher. It is also medical fact that millions of women who aborted were rendered sterile and have deep, abiding sorrow and regrets because of that. They thought they could “be as gods” and decide when their children were to be born, by aborting the babies GOD put there, but GOD decided otherwise. Sometimes when you reject the gift
of GOD on HIS timing, there is no second chance.
Please do not even try to tell me that the premeditated, purposeful destruction of
innocent human life is a right, because you would look like a complete fool. It is not a
right but a wrong and everyone with an intact mind and conscience knows that.
If believing that killing of innocents only made you a “fool” [It is written, the fool
hath said in his heart there is no GOD.” it would still be wrong. It makes you evil
to believe that killing of innocents is a right because GOD’s commandment is
“thou shalt not kill” [Exodus 20:13], and JESUS said, “even so it is not the will of your
FATHER which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.” [Matthew 18:14] It makes you even more evil if you have killed an innocent!
This article in the RMN is way past due. It should have been written decades ago, but thankfully it is written now, and GOD willing there are more good people in the U.S. than wicked, and they will know the truth and vote the truth in all elcctions and Legislation. It is the right thing to do to outlaw all abortions as soon as possible.
It is also the right thing for all those millions of women who were deceived by the
money-grubbing assassins of the preborn or their propagandizing machinery to repent and turn away from such evil, for the sake of their relationship to GOD ALMIGHTY, and the peace of their souls.
I write this as a Registered Nurse of many years who worked in Operating Rooms and who experienced attempts by the wicked to deceive me into participating in that heinous crime of assisting assassins of the preborn. I refused to participate or call that a”right” and got fired for it, and then was fired again for protesting with words
the killing of innocents in hospitals, that is supposedly a First Amendment liberty.
I have endured the persecution of those in political circles who did sell their souls to
the devil for what they perceived as “power” in Congress. However, it is written,
“be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” [Galatians 6:7]

Those in this nation who have purposely, year after year, voted to
continue the mass murders of millions of innocents who were created in the womb by GOD,are going to have to face GOD on HIS JUDGEMENT DAY and h— is waiting for them.My daddy would have said, “they’re gonna bust h— wide open.” Those who sat by and did nothing to help the innocents, those who actively shredded and murdered innocents, those women who signed the lives of their innocents away on a deceitful “informed consent”, those accomplices to evil who stood and handed instruments of death, will also have to give an account before GOD.
* I Timothy 6:10 is written, “for the love of money is the root of all evil, which
while some have coveted after they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves
through with many sorrows.”
signed gloria poole {RN} licensed as Gloria Poole Pappas, RN in Colorado.
11:56 AM 11/24/2007

Read the article in the Rocky Mountain News at this url:

Also, if you see this blog in a compressed form with most of the page as white space it is an attempt by wordpress to suppress the information and the photos of my blog. I am very controversial because : I am educated and professional, and 2) I am a woman, and 3) I am adamantly opposed to the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb or anywhere, and I am relentless in publishing that fact.