Thanks Governors Ted Strickland & Mike Rounds!

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds signed into law bills that require abortion clinics to provide fetal ultrasound to those women contemplating abortion. I want to publicly thank them for that. Those states join eleven other states that require ultrasound before an abortion and that is literally turning the tide on the abortion debate in favor of life. There is a entity called Womb with a View that does ultrasound and their selection of that name says it all.

The Ohio bill, was passed by their Senate on March 14 and before that their House passed it in December 07. It is named the Ultrasound Viewing Bill, HB 314. South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds signed a similar bill into law this month also. So far, thirteen states have acknowledged the truth that women need to know the truth and that truth means knowing that their human babies in the womb are alive from the moment of conception when the human sperm from a human man enters the human egg of a human woman. For more about how humans develop in the womb, visit one of my educational sites at  And for more info about human sperm visit my also educational site at 

Also I want to encourage Ohio to consent to ban all forms of tampering with human embryoes. They have a bill Ohio S.B 174 that is supposedly to ban all human cloning but here’s the thing. Those bills have to be read word for word and the small print and the hidden print also read. They are often a way of tricking the public making them think they are voting for one thing when in reality they are voting on a different topic altogether. I am not suggesting that bill does that, but that you must read it entirely before voting.  Human cloning as it is called is an effort by so-called scientists [ I call them junk scientists]  to tamper with GOD’s plan for creating humans in the womb, and it always starts with a dead human being. The Bible says not to touch dead humans and not to eat, ingest human blood or human body fluids not in so many words but the messages are clear. [for the exact location of the Scriptures read]. The bill sponsored by Sen Stephen Buehorer, Republican, has teeth in it, of a two year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine for “cloning” humans. If it does not include a prohibition on the  mixing of human cells with animal cells,it should. And if it does not include a prohibition against all forms of research on human embryoes that kills the embryo, it  should! 

I think GOD has weighed in on this debate with the torrential flooding in Ohio this past week to give them cause to rethink the importance of human life. I am Christian woman, prolifer from the get-go and Republican because the Republican Party adopted a prolife platform in the last Presidential election and some of us Republicans expect them to honor their promises to the American people and push forward a Constitutional Amendment to protect the innocents.

For the reasons why you should vote prolife and why abortion violates the Amendments, visit my website at and for the Scriptures about human life, that will convince you that GOD HIMSELF is prolife, visit this site of mine [but of course the Scriptures are from GOD in the Bible]: