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This is the entry I have tried to post for thirty minutes and which the deceitful wordpress admin panel said was posted but when I signed out and viewed it, it was not posted. I am critcizing Kruschev-like Obama and his band of gooneys in the media, try to suppress criticism of him and did that from the beginning. I don’t know if this will post on wordpress. The spelling of my name of Gloria is the name of this blog but wordpress allowed someone to try to steal my blog. And they apparently also helped them steal the original email that was my contact for it too. I will copy it and if need be post this message elsewhere to document illegal censorship, illegal prior restraint of free speech of U.S. citizen and violation of the First Amendment by wordpress. Also I tried to update my photo to the one you would see at http;// on the contact page there, but wordpress blocks any image of me since they are intent on helping cybercriminals steal my account and identity. They don’t want you the public to see my face as it looks now [four years later than what they have currently as my ‘avatar’. ] because it would not be as easy for them to help cybercriminals use my name and identity if you the public could see my photo,but you will be able to see it at the site above and also on my photography sites at http;// By the way, I am my own ‘boss’ but my felon exhusband regularly tries to steal my identity, my U.S. mail, my accounts, my emails,and even my born with name. GOD willing he is going to federal prison soon! Pray all of you who believe that GOD will deliver me from that devil man. Here is the message I want to post:

Congressman Jim Cooper, [democrat] quote:
“If members actually had to read the bills and figure out whether
they are any good or not. We’re just told how to vote.
We’re treated like mushrooms most of the time.”
Today @6:52 AM 2/4/2009 in the Dallas Morning News. And the
Google news, GOD bless them. Article:
“Blue Dog: Obama, Pelosi at cross purposes?”
6:30 AM Wed, Feb 04, 2009 written by
Mike Hashimoto.

This article is about Obama being at cross-purposes with Nancy Pelosi, prompted this entry. Of course, do I need to say it? The reported op-ed piece that Obama is pretending to be ‘ethical’ is a joke. IF Obama were anywhere close to being ethical he would not have selected Hillary Clinton who has directly benefitted from the MILLIONS of dollars received by her unethical husband from nearly every nation of the world, including nations that some people in this country consider to be the enemies of America. And he would not have selected the guy over treasury that did not pay his taxes, and he would not have selected Tom Daschle. Oh yea, I know he quibbled over Daschle’s acceptance of a limo and driver provided by a health care establishment, and in trying to pretend he cares what defines ethical behaviour, while swallowing hook,line and sinker the Clintons’ plan to sell off America bribe by bribe to foreign entities. Hillary is out right now making deals for more bucks but is the deal money flowing to the US Treasury to pay down the national debt or to pay off her millions of dollars of debt in campaigning ?

If she were raising money to pay off the national debt that would be one thing, but she is raising money to enrich her self and that liar Bill Clinton from h— and his phony ‘charity’ that as far as anyone knows has the so-called ‘charitable’ purpose of making him and Hillary rich. And she is laughing all the way to Shanghai about it and Bill too, no doubt.

And another thing,what fool would put a person who did not pay his taxes, in charge of the nation’s treasury that is funded by taxpayers? And then tells citizens to pay their taxes? A double-standard, for certain, that speaks loudly that they believe they are above the laws of this nation. Do we as a nation need despots in office?

And while I am on this subject, what about Obama’s ten MILLION dollar vacation BEFORE he started his job as President and his new tank-limo that we as a nation heard about ordered specially for him–how much did that cost the nation and what was wrong with the old Presidential limo? Tell me how anyone who did those two things has the audacity to cite others for being excessive in times of national crisis? I considered what is euphemistically called ‘bonuses’ by Wall Street crooks as not bonuses but profits from churning acccounts years ago, but the stupid-wicked-ignorant in Congress like to pretend to otherwise. Here’s the thing, if you are an investor and you are investing in any thing that is not producing a tangible product of some kind you are not an investor but a fool.

/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N., ‘gloriapoole’ ; Denver CO 80203;Posted at 7:21 am 4th-Feb-2009 but the wordpress is fraudulently putting the time as 9:22pm for the purposes of trying to prevent publication of this until bedtime.